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Sheena's theory of Evolution - Or lack thereof

February 13th, 2009 (12:29 pm)

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So, I have a theory... Granted it is based mainly on observation, my basic biological understanding of the universe, and the principles of evolution according to microbiology and Darwin's theory of evolution (which while I still subscribe to the basic principles of being a Christian, I can totally understand how dinosaurs and all that came to exist as well).

I believe that as a human race, we have completely and utterly fudged up our own evolution as a species. Now, the basic principles of evolution mainly suggests that the strong survive and the weak (both physically and genetically) die off to rid the species gene pool of strong genetic makeups. We went wrong with natural evolution as soon as we invented/created modern medicine. Almost in the basic forms of vaccines. Now, don't get me wrong, in order for modern society to exist the way WE want it to, we need them. But, from a genetically viable and stable continuation of robust and strong genetic traits, we have flushed all those down the drain. We no longer have natural selection and evolution in the basic sense like the rest of the wild/natural world still lives by.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want my family and those I can about to just die because I don't think they are genetically viable... heck, I probably would have died somewhere along the way too, but that is against what exactly I mean and am trying to get across. We keep babies around that are BORN with heart conditions/half a heart after a full term pregnancy. In the natural world, this is natural selection, a genetic defect in the DNA would be removed from the pool if the newborn didn't survive such a SIGNIFICANT defect. But with modern medicine, we keep them alive and give them a fighting chance and in most cases they live on to reproduce and hence carry on  the genetic weakness, even if their own children don't express the phenotype. This is just one of MANY examples, but what I am just trying to get at is we are polluting our own evolutionary gene pool for much much future generations (i.e. hundreds of years down the road).

I also hold on to the belief that in many generations later, but sooner than "evolution", we will become infertile much like in the movie Children of Men. All women lost the ability to become pregnant and bear children. There are SOOOO many families now out there that use infertility almost as if it is standard procedure for starting a family. Just think about it, the genetics are dictating that you naturally cannot conceive children, which basically means evolution is telling you not to carry on your genes for some reason. Yet, with the help of modern medicine again, we unnaturally cause women to become pregnant and  give birth to not just ONE child that carries those reproductive weak genes, but multiples of 4 or 6 or even 8! Where does this make logic for the sake of genetics?

I'm not saying I believe that people shouldn't do infertility treatments... but it just put the query out into the world...

The bigger questions are about what are we supposed to do about it and if we really want to?