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Sheena [userpic]


April 6th, 2009 (07:47 pm)

current mood: annoyed

I hate that email was even invented.

It is the lazy man's way of trying to carry on a real conversation.

And the kicker is that when people send out emails, regardless of the time of day or other people's lives, they assume the recipient got the message the INSTANT you sent the goddamned thing.

Also, the fact that people always seem to send UBER-important, time sensitive messages VIA EMAIL!!! and assume you get them in time. If you really have something important to tell me that you want to know makes it to me... for the love of goodness... freakin' call!

I am honestly at my wits end with "office" working people and their idiotic assumptions that just because they sit at their desk on their ass all day and are bored, that you are doing the exact same thing and neurotically checking your email every several seconds. UM NO!!!! A vast majority of the working world is not connected to the internet and email 24/7. If you send a message in the middle of the day after everyone has left home for a day at work... just ASSUME they WON'T see it until the end of the day. Anything IMPORTANT or TIME SENSITIVE that needs to be relayed - F'ING CALL THEM!!! Or even sending out an email after most people's lunch hours have come and gone... don't send it out and again assume they'll get it before they head for home.

Office dwelling people just CANNOT grasp this... I have NO F'ING idea why!!!!!!!!!! I WORKED in an office and I was sure to email people with plenty of time to see it and respond and if I knew there was a good possibility they wouldn't see it in it, I'd CALL THEM!!!!

People just become more and more lazy because they think just because they hit the "send" button on their email that the message they sent automatically will be seen.